Psychology Around the Net: September 22, 2018

Sometimes when you’re stuck in your own stuff, you forget that the world is changing outside you. You zoom into what’s going wrong and that narrow focus prevents you from seeing what’s going right.

Like this week, I learned that we’re predisposed to forgive, which one of four personality types I might be, and the innovative ways colleges are trying to reach students grappling with mental illness.

It reminded me things are always improving. We’re getting closer to understanding ourselves and each other a little better. Isn’t that exciting? I hope you enjoy this sample of psychology offerings this week.

Women who experienced higher levels of trauma gave birth to significantly smaller male babies: Trauma even before pregnancy can impact a child’s birthrate if they’re a boy.

Brain monoamine oxidase A in seasonal affective disorder and treatment with bright light therapy: A new study finds an interesting connection between light, Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms and treatment.

Scientists determine four personality types based on new data: Can every person you know fit into one of four personality types? Researchers from Northwestern University believes so.

How Students Can Find Mental Health Services on Campus: With school in full swing, schools are taking action from offering online help to mindfulness programs. According to one expert, technology could play a role in student’s inability to problem solve.

Parents Are Leery Of Schools Requiring ‘Mental Health’ Disclosures By Students: Is disclosing a student’s mental health history a way to increase or decrease stigma? Florida residents are debating the pros and cons.

We are predisposed to forgive, new research suggests: If you’ve ever wondered why your friend can’t leave her toxic relationship, this could explain why.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation A ‘Game Changer’ For People Battling Depression: A new device may help those suffering from clinical depression.

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