Best of Our Blogs: June 12, 2018

I’ve been listening to Sounds True’s free online sessions called The Healing Trauma Summit. As with all of their online summits, this one is riveting, and eye-opening bringing light to a difficult topic. If you haven’t registered, I encourage you to do so while it’s still free. It’s for therapists, and anyone interested in learning more about trauma.

In Session 16, entitled, “Becoming a Healing Presence in the World,” Bonnie Badenoch, for example shares it’s not the event, but the experience of feeling alone that embeds trauma. Being supported, heard, and accepted are the keys to healing.

That’s important to know. When working on our relationships with others and ourselves, we can do a lot of good by seeing a therapist, having compassion for others and accepting ourselves for who are are. If we pay attention we can stop our past from negatively impacting our present.

I hope you enjoy the summit and our top posts this week.

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